“Little Grey Bubbles” Is An Intelligent Look At Modern Friendships

Sometimes a film covers a topic so relatable, so current, you immediately wonder how it hasn’t been done before. But in Little Grey Bubbles, an incredibly modern friendship phenomenon is explored in great detail.

Online friendships — which sometimes exist exclusively on the internet — have become more and more common. And the nuances of those relationships and how they play out in the real world is at the heart of this film.

“Even though I haven’t had a relationship like the one depicted in the film, Little Grey Bubbles is deeply personal,” director, writer, and producer Charles Wahl explained. “There are aspects of me, and my own relationships strung through all of it. Human connection is the most important thing to all of us. It’s what we inherently strive for from the moment we’re aware of other people. Little Grey Bubbles is about a man and a woman who had a very unconventional connection, but a very deep one that was suddenly taken away.”

It’s a fascinating premise — and executed beautifully. You can see the whole short here:

Little Grey Bubbles from Charles Wahl on Vimeo.

When a modern dilemma is laced with timeless themes so seamlessly, it’s easy to see why it’s become an immediate festival favorite. As the definitions of friendships continue to expand and evolve, there is so much material to explore — and it’s nice to see a film doing just that.