“Floreana” Unfolds Into An Important Allegory

Although the post-apocalyptic genre is having a bit of a moment, the short film “Floreana” manages to do it differently. The premise is simple: “On a remote island in the future people are preparing for an important mission.” But, as the story unfolds, it’s clear that this film cuts much, much closer to the bone.

As with all of the best sci-fi, there’s a gentle dawning, a slow recognition of what you’re seeing and then a stomach-punch of just how relevant it is. To say too much would be to give it all away, but you can see the whole short here:

Floreana from Louis Morton on Vimeo.

The way the story is revealed is so clever and very much at the heart of the project — something director Louis Morton spent a while perfecting.

“After 3 months of heavy development the idea transformed from a fun theme park to a bleak post-apocalyptic climate crisis influenced future world in which people are actually transferring their minds into animals”, Morton told Vimeo. “I ditched the first-person animal vision idea, and instead went with a panoramic side moving camera thing, also influenced by displays at science museums and the classic monkey to human evolution poster.”

The result is a knowing, clever short that works on so many different levels — a feat for a four-minute film.