Stretcher Bearers During The Battle Of Monte Cassino

It’s an incredibly sombre moment — one filled with determination and duty. Here you can see stretcher-bearers as they carefully carry a casualty down a mountain track during the Battle of Monte Cassino of the Italian Campaign.

The battle was a brutal one, lasting four months with over 55,000 Allied casualties and 20,000 Axis casualties. During the second phase of the battle, New Zealand and Indian troops failed to oust Axis German and Italian forces. Ultimately, though, an Allied victory was declared on 18 May 1944 when Polish forces of the 12th Podolian Uhlans Regiment finally made it to the top of Cassino and raised a Polish flag.

It was an incredible Allied effort, with forces from all over the world — the U.S.A., U.K., India, Free France, Italian Royalist Army, New Zealand, Poland, Canada, South Africa, Nepalese Gurkhas, and Morocco — joining together.


Battle of Monte Cassino


Monte Cassino, Cassino, Province of Frosinone, Italy.

February 1944.

Credit: Anti-Worlds