A Feel Good Playlist To Set The Tone Of Your Day

As many of us struggle to adjust to the new normal of working from home — and living life under lockdown — it can feel like a steep learning curve. You try to create new routines, find new comforts, establish new habits. If you need something to ease the transition, this Feel Good Playlist from Mahogany Sessions is the perfect guiding light.

Featuring chilled and uplifting recordings from dozens of artists, it will help guide your spirits and set the tone for your day. Perfect as a relaxing backdrop for working from home — or doing all of those chores that you’re finally getting around to — it’s important not to underestimate the power of the content you’re consuming. We’re all consuming a lot of it, so we better make sure it’s nourishing us — instead of draining us.

You can hear the whole playlist here:



We’re living in unprecedented times — we don’t have roadmaps, we don’t have experiences to draw from. It’s OK to be struggling, to be scared, to feel lonely. But while we navigate this together, it’s crucial to give ourselves the best tools possible. Be aware of what you’re listening to, reading, browsing, and scrolling — it might be affecting you more than you know. Make sure it’s doing you some good.