With “Classmate”, A Simple Premise Takes You On A Journey

How do they know each other — or do they know each other at all? With Classmate, you’re faced with question after question as a seemingly straightforward plot unfurls before you.

It’s a showcase of skill and restraint as the director manages to take a swing at big themes with an understated, but effective, premise.

“Simple, but compelling: that seems to be filmmaker Javier Marco’s modus operandi,” Short of the Week explains. “… It’s an impressive display of cinematic skill and proof that by focusing small a filmmaker is often able to convey that which is much larger. Under the surface, Classmate is about a lot of things (human nature, conforming to societal norms, class and economic status), but the basic plot set-up is simple enough: a chance encounter between a homeless man and a woman on a bus. Is he an old acquaintance? A grifter? A potential threat? All of the above?”

You can see the whole short here:

Marco seems to excel in unpacking the complex from the every day — in freezing a simple moment and expanding it to so much more than meets the eye. With Classmate, this controlled skilled is used to great effect.