“Solipsism” Is The Perfect Exploration For This Moment

If a girl crosses the border between her internal and her external reality and no one is around to see it, does this animated short really exist? That’s the tagline — and the meta-premise — of “Solipsism”.

This short film lands somewhere between art, animation, and philosophy, taking you on a wild ride in the process.

With stunning and surreal animation and the bravery to dive into deep moral ambiguity, it’s a project with more than meets the eye.

You can see the whole film here:



While something so abstract and philosophical may feel out of place in such a difficult time, it’s actually the perfect moment to remember the strength that individuals can find in ourselves and each other. As Short Of The Week explains:

“In our current circumstances, we might be uniquely susceptible — the effects of social distancing are causing our relationship to the world to be redefined. In self-isolating, many are finding it imperative to relearn how to be alone with our own selves and resist myopia. Hopefully, most of us come out stronger as individuals at the end of this tunnel, and that this experience only strengthens our notion that humans are social beings, with an innate need to relate to each other. Let’s not forget these lessons the next time we are lost in our heads.”

Important lessons indeed.