Declan J. Donavan Is Sensational With “Fighting With Myself”

While this performance of “Fighting With Myself” is considered and composed, Delcan J. Donavan has experienced a bit of a whirlwind. His career took off in an unusual way — after performing at his brother’s wedding, he uploaded the recording online. The rest is history.

“I was so nervous on my brother’s wedding,” he explains. “I didn’t eat the whole day. It was the first time I ever performed live. Afterwards, there were many tears, but everyone loved the song. I got very drunk after that haha. Yeah, I uploaded the song just for the wedding guests on Soundcloud and then there were 100 thousand streams within a few weeks. And it kind of blew up.”

It’s not your average success story — it’s a pretty special one. And he’s come a long way since then.

An assured singer with a silky voice, he shines in this Mahogany Session. You can see the whole performance here:



Delcan J. Donavan may be a young performer, but he’s certainly found his niche. He’s one of the few who have transformed from online sensation to an actual career musician — a clear testament to his talent and his sense of self.