A Stunning Mahogany Sessions Video Featuring Rhett Nicholl

Talk about a timeless voice. Rhett Nicholl is wrenching and pure in this beautiful video, filmed for Mahogany Sessions. Against a simple, sepia-inspired background, his astounding voice is given centre stage.

This is an artist with a strong sense of self — one that he’s determined to let shape and guide his career.

“Longevity to me, or the type of longevity that I’m aiming for at least, is when 10-20 years from now, someone who’s going through it can still put on your record and feel something,” Nicholl explains. “The consumer climate in music has put the focus in the UK on stuff that is very of the moment but also completely disposable in my opinion… There’s a handful of artists across all the genres who we’re gonna turn back to down the road but most of them are already 10-15 years deep in this. People like Ghetts and Wiley come to mind as great examples of sustaining careers based on the strength of their craft.”

You can see the whole performance here:



You don’t always see a young artist with such a clear vision, but it’s obvious that Nicholl is in it for the long haul. With a voice like that, there’s a lot more to come.