“Unorthodox” Is A Fearless Exploration Of Female Emancipation

One of the most exciting debuts coming this March is based on an astonishing true story. An original series inspired by Deborah Feldman’s New York Times Bestselling book ‘Unorthodox’ is coming to Netflix.

Staring Shira Haas, Jeff Wilbusch and Amit Rahav, this part-Yiddish series about a woman trying to rebuild her life arrives on March 26.

“In pursuit of self-determination, a young woman leaves her ultra-orthodox Jewish community in New York City to start a new life in Berlin,” the description explains. “But just as she starts to find her own way, the past begins to catch up with her.”

The series grapples with issues of religion, duty, independence, feminism, and so much more. In fact, director Maria Schrader described the series as an exploration of “female emancipation, identity, and sexuality through the prism of a unique young woman’s experience.”

Though that may sound hugely ambitious, the delicate but powerful trailer shows that it’s ready to deliver.

You can see the whole trailer here:



Seeing amazing female directors tell these gripping stories of women — especially true stories — is such a gift. Shira Haas gives a remarkable performance that is sure to resonate and stay with you, so keep an eye out for “Unorthodox” on Netflix.