“The Clinic” Looks At One Man’s Battle Against The Opioid Epidemic

This film manages to pack so much into 16 minutes. “The Clinic” looks at a needle exchange and free clinic in Fresno, California. In the midst of the opioid epidemic, needle exchanges have become crucial — but sometimes controversial — ways to fight the spread of disease among addicted populations. Here, you can see why the incredible efforts of people like Dr. Lasher mean so much.

While much has been said about the roots of the opioid crisis, this film takes a forward-looking approach, asking what can we do — and looking at how to rebuild.

“I wanted to make a film about someone who I considered a model for moving us forward who was not an addict but someone from the medical or health care field because that’s where the solution lies, not in the individual responsibility of those suffering,” the director explains. “The moment I met Dr. Lasher I found him both brutally honest and efficient and incredibly caring. I could also see that he was a local hero to his patients. He was also doing whatever he could with whatever he had. Dr. Lasher wasn’t worried about fancy equipment or the best offices. He was a good reminder of how much we could be doing with so little.”

You can see the whole short here:

While the opioid epidemic rages on, it’s easy to wonder what could possibly be done in the face of such a huge crisis — but Dr. Lasher shows how one man’s efforts can make a huge difference.