“Vivarium” Is A Twisted Look At The American Dream

“Vivarium” isn’t the first film to deal with the horrors of the suburbs, but it’s a totally innovative take on this universal theme. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, this dark comedy is deliciously perverse, poking holes in the American dream.

The idea actually came out of a short film, Foxes, which looked at housing developments in Ireland and the 100% mortgages that were being offered. Though this story is very much rooted in suburbia and America, the two share a thematic core.

“… there are themes of the atomisation of society, capitalism, consumerism, greed, all those kind of things that we were interested in, that we kind of touch on in Foxes that we kind of wanted to expand upon in a feature format,” director Lorcan Finnegan explains. “So Garret and I started writing, we were working on Vivarium back in like 2012 probably. It was kind of a mixture of that plus an interesting nature documentary on the lifecycle of the European cuckoo with David Attenborough that amalgamated into Vivarium.”

You can see the whole trailer here:



The traditional tenants of the American dream — and the notion of homeownership — can feel like a sick joke, completely out of reach for younger generations. This film plays on these outdated ideals in a clever, insightful way that is sure to speak to a wide range of audiences.