“Washed Away” Shows A Young Women Grappling With A Breach Of Trust

What happens when you face the ultimate betrayal of trust? In “Washed Away”, a teenage girl in an evangelical church youth group is forced to deal with a very public breach of trust and learn how to move forward.

The short, written and directed by Ben Kallam, is nuanced and realistic — probably cutting very close to the bone for audience members who grew up in conservative areas.

“This is a film about real people in the Protestant Christian church,” the director explains. “It is a critique of the ways people pursue legalism at the expense of basic decency – and meant to show the personal cost of that. That said, what I want most is to make something that has empathy for its characters, refusing to paint anyone as a pure caricature.”

You can see the whole short, intended for mature audiences, here:

During those formative teenage years, there are often tough lessons about interpersonal relationships and difficult growing pains — but “Washed Away” features a self-assured young woman who is willing to stand up in the face of judgement and betrayal. It’s a powerful, naturalistic piece that really hits home.