YEBBA Singing Live Will Make You An Instant Fan

YEBBA has already made a name for herself with celebrities — everyone from Sam Smith to Ed Sheeran has collaborated with her and sung her praises. But now, it’s time that she became a household name. A name that, admittedly, came about in an unexpected way.

“The first time I ever wrote my name was on a 2-octave keyboard my parents gave me,” she explains. She wrote her birth name, Abbey, backwards — and the nickname stuck with her mom.

“Out of love and respect for my mother and life itself, I’m changing my artist name to YEBBA. I’m making a promise to keep searching for my own reflection. To me, this is not a stage name; it’s not an alter ego; it’s not some great declaration. This is who I am. This is my reflection.”

This six-minute live performance is full of rifts, bounds, and unbelievable control — enough to have you hooked immediately.

You can see the whole performance here:



Sofar Sounds puts on amazing and unusual performances — featuring new talents and superstars alike. This performance shows why showcases like these are so important. This is an artist who deserves to be on your radar and on every possible platform. She’s arrived.