“Nigel” Is Based On The True Story Of A Lonely Gannet

What happens when Nigel, a lonely gannet of Mana Island, falls in love with a concrete statue? Well, this short tells the true story of unrequited love — one that resonates in a surprisingly human way.

“What touched me especially about this story is how people feel heartbroken when they hear Nigel’s story”, Natasza Cetner explained. “The reasons why we tend to see ourselves in a seemingly silly bird, it’s about his faith in his situation, that maybe if he tries enough his feelings will be reciprocated”.

Many of us can relate to that feeling of just needing to try harder — to do more — and make a relationship work. This short is a total innovative look on that hackneyed tale of love and heartbreak.

You can see the whole film here:

Although it’s a simple film, it’s one with a big message.

“I made this film as my little way of saying that maybe we should learn how to be more tolerant towards people choosing less orthodox way of living their lives,” she explains. “Not forcing our opinions and views on others. But mostly the film was in the honour of Nigel’s lonely life”.