Jessie Reyez Performs The Classic “Crazy”

There are few songs so blissfully painful as “Crazy”, immortalized by Patsy Cline. It may be a difficult song to do justice to, but Jessie Reyez captures all of its heartbreak in her cover for Mahogany Sessions.

The Canadian singer has had an incredible few years making a name for herself in the industry. She’s a powerful singer-songwriter who hasn’t been afraid to tackle any topic — from the deeply personal to the deeply political.

“If I feel it, I say it,” Reyez has said. “If I broke my knee today, I would sing about breaking my knee tomorrow. If I got hit by a car on Tuesday, I would sing about getting hit by a car on Wednesday. I don’t sit there and think, ‘I want to talk about a social issue’ or anything like that. I love women. I’m a woman. I guess I’m a feminist.”

You can see the whole performance here:



While many Mahogany Sessions take place in breathtaking vistas or gorgeous abandoned rooms, a laundromat was the perfect choice for this performance. A simple backdrop with just a touch of nostalgia, it captures the beauty of the original while still being decidedly modern — it’s an inspired performance.