Issue 36

The Obsession, Emptiness and Anger edition

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An anthem to anger

Martha Wainright sings Bloody Motherfucking Asshole – it is rage put to poetry. Written after an argument with her father it has become a coping anthem for anyone feeling anger lyrics of empathy:
No idea how it feels to be on your own
In your own home
With the fucking phone
And the mother of gloom
In your bedroom
Standing over your head
With her hand in your head 

Drums in Kandahar

Drums in Kandahar

Canadian Forces soldier Corporal Ben Vandandaigue plays on a drum kit at Forward Operating Base Sperwan Ghar, overlooking the Panjwai district of Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

Vandandaigue played the drums in a corner of the base when it wasn’t being used to repair armoured vehicles, during his unit’s final week of patrols. Canadian combat operations came to an end in July, as troops withdrew from the southern region of Afghanistan. The base was handed over to American troops.

David Goldman (2012), World Press Photo Romania

The emptiness of an eating disorder

An award-winning short social realist drama which follows Keira as she struggles to live her normal day-to-day life while suffering from the effects of an eating disorder. The film is brutally honest, it captivates you with sparring dialogue, no soundtrack and an unexpected twist.

I used to think love was all you need

Aubrey Wood

My ex-boyfriend and I used to stop here all the time on our way from college to home. This beautiful though unremarkable barn was the halfway point for us, and just somewhere that always made us think of the other, whether we were together or not.

When together, we’d stop. When not, we’d text each other: “barn.”

That’s it, but it was enough.

This was our place, a place that though we were only ever at fleetingly, was ours alone.

Not all love stories end happily, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t extraordinary during their time.

I used to think love was all you need, and I hope to again, but sometimes you just need more. We were high school sweethearts turned college lovers turned our separate ways.

Wishing you the best, you who were my best friend.

P.S. I still think of you whenever I see the barn.

Aubrey Wood


The shootout in Heat shows us how obsessions become destructive

This video masterfully deconstructs the meticulous planning, blocking and directing that makes this scene from Heat the most dramatic shootout scene in film. This episode of Scenes Not Talked About also observes the personal drama embodied in the scene: when we become consumed with our obsessions we can lose sight why we become obsessed in the first place.


Photo by Lee Jeffries

Photo by Lee Jeffries