The “Normal People” Hulu Series Is Already The Talk Of 2020

While many books have been made into movies — with varying degrees of success — we’re seeing a pivot toward more expansive adaptions done through television series. The new “Normal People” adaption is one of the most exciting examples coming to our screens, ready to please a very eager fanbase.

There’s a strong argument for transporting novels to TV rather than movies, giving the material more screen time to work with. The recent His Dark Materials multi-park adaption was widely praised —  especially in comparison to the movie version, which left audiences underwhelmed and frustrated.  This adaption of Normal People will be done in 12 parts, with the first six being directed by Oscar-nominated “Room” director Lenny Abrahamson.

Giving a book a 12 part adaption is unusual and exciting, especially outside of the period drama realm. But with such a thoughtful story, often with a heavy emphasis on what’s unsaid, this room to breath his crucial.

“I felt, writing the book, that both characters were a projection of my point of view,”  Rooney explained about the upcoming Hulu and BBC Three series.  “They both embody aspects of my own psychology. […] The challenge of adapting this for the screen is that they both have introspective qualities.”

You can see the whole trailer here:



With a book as loved as this one, it’s difficult for any adaption to live up to its source material. But with a strong team and time to fully do justice to the book, “Normal People” looks set to break the mould.