Evie Irie Has Arrived With A Bang

Evie Irie has an unusual origin story, to say the least. When she told her parents that she wanted a career in music, they didn’t fight back — they told her to go to LA and give it a try.

That experience led to her debut EP, 5 Weeks In LA, and since then she has been making splash after splash on the music scene. While still in her teens, she has already proven herself as a natural and gifted writer.

“Almost every time I go into a writing session I start off with nothing, not an idea or concept,” she explained. “I feel there’s something so special about sitting down with nothing and being able to create something, whether it’s shit, or amazing by the end of the session. Being in the room and being a part of the emotional journey from start to finish allows me to have such a strong connection to the song. I feel as though I am so in the emotion that when I get on the mic, what I am singing is so purely genuine, and how I am feeling. Being able to create and capture all of that in one session is how most of my material is made.”

To get a sense of her cross-genre sound, you can check out this incredible recording with Mahogany Sessions:



It’s inspiring to see a talent this strong being allowed to flourish, rather than being forced into a box or a manufactured sound. Keep your eye on Irie — we certainly will be.