“The Assistant” Is An Important Exploration Of Accountability

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements put some of the biggest names in the arts, entertainment, and business under a microscope — and quite rightly. They worked to end a system of silencing, of sexism, and of abuse. And while there is still so much work that needs to be done to tackle imbalances of power and impunity, “The Assistant” points the lens in a different direction. It’s a powerful, timely film looking at accountability, complicity, and moral grey areas.

The film from Kitty Green stars the incomparable Julia Garner as a young worker struggling as an assistant to a film executive — and it looks beyond the male predators of these stories to study the networks that allow them to flourish.

You can see the whole trailer here:



For Green, this film was an incredible opportunity to look at the systems in place that allow this kind of abuse to run rampant.

“I was very conscious of when I was reading the press surrounding the #MeToo movement that it was focused on the men, the predators, and not on the issue of how we can get more women into the film industry and how to make workplaces more safe and equitable,” Green told IndieWire. “That became my focus. We knew what’s going on behind that door, that’s been reported, but what we don’t know is the machinery that’s going on outside that door and the culture surrounding silence, the toxic work environment. In scripting it, it was about showing all these little moments that strip a woman of her self-confidence, that could leave a woman unsure of herself and without a path upwards or forward.”

It’s a film that is not afraid to ask the tough questions — and we need to be asking them now, more than ever.