“Our Ladies” Promises A Coming Of Age Romp Like No Other

“Our Ladies” is not your average coming of age story. It’s a look at the vibrant, messy world of teenage girls in a refreshingly frank and unfiltered way. The story takes us to a long, long time ago — 1996, to be precise — to offer a look at females friendships and growing up.

The film takes place in Scotland, where a group of Catholic school girls get the chance to visit Edinburgh for a choir competition. It’s a group cast that works together seamlessly — while being full of stand-out performers.

“This dynamic cast of young women, many for whom this is their film debut, create an impressively authentic camaraderie which endears you instantly to the characters despite their rough edges,” one reviewer explains. “Each of the ensemble brings bags of enthusiasm, charm and humour, making all of their characters feel distinctly individual.”

You can see the whole trailer here:



For a riotous take on teenage girls — one that handles both the joy and the difficult moments with skill — look no further than “Our Ladies”. After debuting on the festival scene last year, it’s due to hit cinemas in the UK on April 24.