The Brazilian Expeditionary Force Proved Invaluable To The Allies

It’s an intimidating image, to say the least. The determination, the uniformity, the focus — there’s a lot of energy coming from a static moment. Here you can see Brazilian soldiers of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force as they land at the Port of Naples.

Their arrival marked the Brazilians joining the Italian Campaign — where they would prove formidable on the battlefield. They were able to emerge victorious during battles at Massarosa, Camaiore, Monte Prano, Monte Acuto, San Quirico, Gallicano, Barga, Monte Castello, La Serra, Castelnuovo di Vergato, Soprassasso, Montese, Paravento, Zocca, Marano sul Panaro, Collecchio, and Fornovo di Taro. Over their time fighting, a force of just 25,700 men managed to be an incredible help to the Allies.


Brazilian Expeditionary Force


Naples, Campania, Italy.

July 1944.

Credit: Anti-Worlds