Violet Skies Cover “Bruises” By Lewis Capaldi

A good cover can be even more powerful than the original recording — you have the feel and themes of the original, layered with the new interpretation to produce something more beautiful and nuanced than before. And a song like “Bruises” is perfect for that level of emotion. Violet Skies has previously delivered an incredible Mahogany Session and gorgeous live performances, but hearing her make a song like this her own is a real treat.

The chances she takes and her ability to put her own stamp on the music show a bravery and a self-assuredness that is so refreshing in a young artist. But she’s not afraid of experimentation — wherever that may lead.

“Don’t be embarrassed to make music, speak your mind or make mistakes – I make mistakes all the time and constantly embarrass myself, but you realize no one really notices except you,” she explains.

This COVERS 4K performance features simple, pared-back presentation and instrumentals. The stark silhouettes and profiles of the video let you really hone in on Skies.

You can see the whole video here:



Skies shows a huge amount of creativity, composure, and charisma — whether performing her own song or covering someone else’s. It’s clear she has a lot more to give.