“Night On Earth” Promises To Be Your New Nature Documentary Obsession

We’ve travelled to the depths of the oceans and the far corners of the globe, but this latest nature documentary takes us to a whole new arena. “Night On Earth” plunges us beyond the veil of darkness so we can see how the wonders of our world come alive long after we’re in bed.

“When the sun goes down, a new world awakes,” the description explains. “New technology reveals wonders of the planet in a completely new light. Across the globe, we discover a hidden side to the world’s greatest landscapes and animals.”

You can see the whole trailer here:



Not only are these planetary documentaries hugely gripping (and trendy), there are signs that they’re helping to make a real difference. David Attenborough’s documentaries have proven so persuasive and compelling that they’ve caused what’s been dubbed as “The Attenborough Effect” — a 53 percent drop in single-use plastics in just 12 months.

It’s crucial that we’re all paying attention to our planet, whatever that looks like for us as individuals. And documentaries like these are one way people engage with their world and increase their awareness. The new series premieres on Netflix on January 29.