The First Mahogany Session From Mae Muller Packs A Punch

When we hear songs about “the other woman”, they’re normally tales of jealousy, anger, and resentment — but Mae Muller gives a mature and refreshing departure from the norm in “Jenny”. This gorgeous Mahogany Sessions video features her single about befriending an ex’s new girl rather than being desperate to tear her down.

“There’s so much competition for girls, we’re always being put up against each other but it doesn’t need to be like that”, she told Wonderland Magazine. “You can get quite lost in it. I’ve had to be strict and not compare myself to other people, it really can affect you.”

As ever, the video itself is beautiful. While Mahogany Sessions normally opt for minimal backing music, this video shines through with brass, guitar, and more. Even with all of the accompaniment, Muller manages to hold her own and then some.

You can see the whole performance here:



With a new generation of musicians who seem determined to lift each other up, rather than tear each other down, it’s easy to get excited about them. And if they can do so with the poise, the presence, and the sheer musical ability that we see here — then we’re really in for something special.