Sandy — A Military Scout Dog — Brings Smiles In Papa New Guinea

With so many serious and sombre photos of war, this is an unexpectedly wholesome and joyful image. Here you can see Australian Army soldiers of the Second Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF) meeting their new friend, Sandy. Sandy was a German Shepherd military scout dog whose presence was hugely welcomed.

The image was caught during the Markham and Ramu Valley-Finisterre Range Campaign of the larger New Guinea Campaign. In the background, you can see Papuan civilians watching the men and the dog bond. The photograph was taken in 1942, but it wasn’t until 1945 that the Allies cleared the Japanese first from the Territory of Papua, the Territory of New Guinea, and lastly from the Dutch colony.


Military Scout Dog


Near Dumpu, Faria River Valley, Madang Province, Territory of New Guinea (now, Papua New Guinea).

20 October 1943.

Credit: Anti-Worlds