Nova Reid Unpacks Racial Bias And Microaggressions To Show How You Can Help Bring Change

How can you change the world? In this moving, thoughtful TEDx Talk from campaigner and consultant Nova Reid, she implores us to challenge the racism that we see all around us — especially the microaggressions that so often go unchallenged. Racism comes in so many different forms, often violent and deliberate. But there are also forms of racial bias that might not be done with malicious intent — and they can be just as destructive.

In fact, she argues that one of the most damaging forms of racism isn’t the overt, aggressive kind — it’s the sneaky, insidious prejudice that comes from well-meaning, well-intentioned people. This presentation chronicles her own battles with racism in her childhood, both intentional and unintentional, and explores some of the all-too-common microaggressions that people of colour face. She then gives a comprehensive list of steps you can take to help change your own biases and the world around you.

You can see the powerful speech here:



Nova Reid has done a huge amount to tackle racism, working as an equality campaigner and consultant — and has made huge strides toward changing the wedding industry in particular. We can all take steps, in our own way, toward the same goal. We all have our own biases, our own blind spots, our own weaknesses. We can all do better.