Alicia Keys Releases “Underdog” Off Of Her First New Album In Four Years

Alicia Keys is already a living legend of the music world, but her latest release shows just how relevant she still is — she is a current, pulsating voice that we all need. With “Underdog”, Keys speaks to the downtrodden, the struggling, the disenfranchised. At a time where so many people are feeling on the periphery, it’s more important than ever.

This new album shows deep introspection and rigorous self-awareness — something that translates into the maturity and wisdom of her lyrics.

“I definitely have been on a personal mission to connect with the different sides of myself,” Keys explained. “There are so many pieces that make us who we are, and the rage and the anger are just as important as the resolution and the solution. The crazy is just as important as the rational. All of these parts are inside of us, and we deserve to be able to understand them and get to know them better.”

You can see the whole video here:



The universal appeal of “Underdog” has been clear since the moment it was released — and it’s obvious just how thrilled audiences and fans are to have Keys releasing new music. Welcome back.