This Image Of Operation Barbarossa Doesn’t Reveal The Destruction To Come

Operation Barbarossa, the nickname for the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, was one of the most singularly devastating operations in all of warfare. Here you can see a German Wehrmacht Sturmgeschütz unit as it prowls the streets of Vilnius, during the early stages of the invasion.

Operation Barbarossa would see almost four million soldiers of the Axis powers invade the Soviet Union along a 2,900-kilometer front. This was the single largest invasion force in the history of warfare. The operation would see millions of casualties in just over five months. Though the Soviet Union suffered huge losses, they held firm and eventually saw off the Axis forces in what would become a long, painful war of attrition.


Operation Barbarossa


Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania.

June 1941.

Credit: Anti-Worlds