Vocals Are Given Centre Stage In This COLORS Performance from Girl Ultra

For Mariana de Miguel, the alter ego Girl Ultra was a natural fit. Rather than forcing herself into a false persona, she made an organic transition into a different kind of performer.

“It just came out of this special, new energy I felt because I was part of a disco band when I came out of high school,” she told NPR. “And I was thinking about going solo, and I felt like I needed a name that empowered me that way. So I just wanted – I just did, like, this superheroine-ish thing. I just brainstormed, and it just came out. And I feel very comfortable with that alter ego thing.”

In this COLORS show, she performs a hypnotic rendition of ‘Discreción’ from her LP ‘Nuevo Aires’. With a laid-back, soulful sound mixed with incredible vocal control, it’s a great introduction to a blossoming artist.

You can see the whole performance here:



If you really just want to see the vocals shine through, the COLORS shows consistently deliver. By using a saturated, minimalist backdrop, they focus the mind of the audience to let them really hone in on the artist. In a performance as technically astounding as this one, it’s great to be able to take it all in, without the distraction and the glitz of a traditional music video.