New Members Of The WAAC Head For Fort Clark

Not enough is said about segregation during wartime or the incredible groups that bravely fought for their country despite blatant discrimination. Here you can see recently graduated members of the WAAC, also known as the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps — later converted to full status as Women’s Army Corps.

The women were members of a racially segregated unit leaving the Fort Des Moines Provisional Army Officer Training School in Des Moines, Iowa heading toward Fort Clark, Texas. Women of the WAAC were originally trained as switchboard operators, mechanics, bakers, and cooks — though later they would expand to a huge range of specialities.

The physical training manual told new recruits “Your Job: To Replace Men. Be Ready To Take Over” — a responsibility many of them took very seriously. The crucial role that African-American women played has not been given nearly enough attention.




Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.

June 1943.

Credit: Anti-Worlds