Lianne LaHavas Delivers A Remarkable, Infectious Tiny Desk Concert

With a smile that lights up a room and a talent to fill up a stadium, there’s so much to love about Lianne LaHavas. In this incredible Tiny Desk Concert from NPR, she blew away everyone watching, even the veteran critics.

“The first time I saw La Havas live, I was unprepared for the experience: Her music touched my heart in a way I’d never experienced before,” the description explains. “I cried through the entire performance. Her music was that powerful, with lyrics woven together with beautiful harmonies; it pulled emotions out of me I didn’t even know existed.”

In just this 15-minute video, LaHavas takes you on an incredible journey. Featuring “What You Don’t Do”, “Unstoppable”, and “Forget” — one of the biggest hits from her first album — she simply soars.

You can see the whole performance here:



The strikingly intimate performances that Tiny Desk Concerts offer are truly a rare treat — and what LaHavas manages to pull off with just a couple of musicians and her talent is a testament to an innately gifted artist. Her first album, Is Your Love Big Enough, and her second album, Blood, are both worth exploring and treasuring.