Swedish Singer-Songwriter ELINA Is Worth Cherishing

With a voice as clear as a crystal and an ethereal presence, ELINA is something special. If you’re not familiar with the Swedish singer, this Mahogany Song, featuring her performance of “Another Round”, is the perfect introduction to her enchanting sound.

“Swedish artist ELINA is a recent discovery for us, and there’s something magical to her songwriting and vocals which captivated us instantly,” the description explains. “A real purity is captured in ‘Another Round’, and you’re not going to regret doing a deep-dive on the rest of ELINA’s catalogue.”

Mahogany normally specializes in their “Sessions” — video recordings of performances. But occasionally, when a song stands out on its own merits, they’ll simply release the track. When you listen to “Another Round”, you can see why.

You can listen to the whole track here:



Something about her clarity, of voice and of vision, makes her the perfect winter soundtrack. Her entire EP, “In Hindsight” is worth exploring and cherishing. 

 And perhaps some of what makes her so enchanting is that she writes with heart and with purpose — creating music destined to help you navigate and understand where you’re at. 

“When people tell me that my songs have helped them through difficult times,” she told Wonderland Magazine. “That’s overwhelming. I’m very moved by that because music has always played that exact role for me in my own life. It’s helped me process things. I used to always escape into it, and still do. To be able to create that for someone else, is beyond belief for me.”