Dating Sunday May Be Popular, But It Might Not Start You On The Right Foot

While many shout about their New Year’s resolution on social media or over hungover New Year’s Day lunches, there is often a more subtle resolution that happens this time of year. For a lot of people, the new year comes with an intention to move to the next stage of their love life. For some this could mean spending more time single and learning to love themselves, but this time of year is an incredibly popular time to start looking for love — and this search, year after year, tends to commence on “Dating Sunday”.

The first Sunday after New Year’s has been dubbed Dating Sunday by those in the dating industry, because of the huge spike in dating app usage on this day. Year in and year out, people take to their couches, open their phones, and start to swipe.

In a way, it makes a lot of sense. Sunday tends to be the busiest dating day of the week, where you might be at home at a loose end or just finally having the time to attend to some life admin. You combine the tendency to date on Sundays with the resolute mindset of a new year dawning and it’s easy to see how Dating Sunday has come to be.

But just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you — or your love life. While many websites will proclaim that it’s the best day of the year to start dating, quantity doesn’t equal quality. In fact, in your love life, it can be just the opposite. 



If you’re someone who is new to online dating or dating apps, the sheer number of people online can feel overwhelming. While some people might just like to play the numbers game, many people will find too many matches or messages intimidating — and stop messaging or engaging altogether.

Both new daters and seasoned daters can easily run into dating burnout — the point where dating stops being fun, stops being exciting, and starts to feel like a chore. That point where you stop being your best self. The point where you start wondering why you’re doing it in the first place. 

One of the best ways to reach dating burnout is to take on too much — too many swipes, too many half-finished conversations, too many first dates. So if you’re looking for love this year, you might want to avoid the January tsunami of new daters. Take your time, be mindful, and look for meaningful connection rather than just endless swiping and messaging. If you take your time in the early stages, the rest will flow so much more smoothly.