Noah Slee Makes A Memorable Mahogany Debut

With a crystal-clear sound and mesmeric presence, this may be the first Mahogany Session from Noah Slee — but it certainly won’t be the last. Slee performs “Still” with enchantingly precise vocals and a smoothness that draws from the neo-soul genre, while still experimenting with it.

“Neo-Soul is more than a sound,” Slee told Neon Music. “When it made its way into popular music people noticed that the music coincides with a positive attitude and focusing inward, not just on the outward. It makes sense that people from that era are still relevant because their songs and stories are still relevant. Artists like Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Common, and the list goes on. I’d say though that my music is inspired by Neo-Soul in a big way especially vocal style and arrangement BUT it’s not confined to just Neo-Soul which is where we are at today. You can create whatever you want and it doesn’t just have to be one sound.”

You can see the whole performance here:



Noah Slee has been making a stir over the past few years, but this is a performance that could prove to be a defining, breakthrough moment — and, at the very least, it will help fight the winter blues and keep you looking for more.