A Character-Driven Drama Turned Thriller, “The Woman In The Window” Is Already Delivering Big

Take Julianne Moore and Amy Adams, add an awarding winning team, a Hitchcock feel, and a touch of “Gone Girl” drama, and you can see why “The Woman In The Window” is promising to be such a success. The trailer just dropped and it is already creating a stir. What starts as a character-driven dramatic piece on a woman with severe agoraphobia quickly transforms into a gripping thriller.

Based on A.J. Finn’s 2018 murder mystery novel of the same name, the psychological thriller also stars Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, and Brian Tyree Henry. The book was a huge success — and reportedly Finn’s first-ever idea for a novel. The road to the film has proved bumpy, but worth it.

The film was delayed until 2020 due to initial screenings proving too confusing for audience members — but with the plot smoothed out, the new trailer is here and ready to thrill.

You can see the whole trailer here:



The glut of feel-good holiday films is already starting to drain — and more hard-hitting films lie in its wake. But with a cast and a team this sharp and experienced, “The Woman In The Window” has everything you need to get excited for 2020.