Kim Hill Quit The Black Eyed Peas — This Is Her Story

What is it like to start finding your feet in the music world and almost reach stardom — only to change everything with one fatal choice? Nobody knows that feeling better than Kim Hill. Kim Hill quit The Black Eyed Peas as a young recording artist and changed her life forever.

‘In the mid-1990s, the singer and songwriter Kim Hill met a young rapper who suggested they start making music,” the description explains. That rapper’s name was, and his group was a rising Los Angeles underground hip-hop crew called The Black Eyed Peas. The rest is history — or is it?”

You can see the whole video here:



This remarkable story is only one of a series from the New York Times — all looking at the complex, frustrating world of near misses.

The “Almost Famous” series is directed by Ben Proudfoot, featuring people who nearly made history, but didn’t quite make it. Exploring disappointment, fate, regret, and new beginnings, it’s an incredibly gripping and engaging look at not only “What if?” but also “What instead?”. For anyone who’s ever suffered a major setback or struggled to find their way in the world, the entire series is more than worth a watch.