“This Could Be Love” Is An Utterly Enchanting Turn From Violet Skies

A lot of modern pop aims at embracing a whimsical, ethereal feel — but the result can feel hollow, wanting. Welsh singer and songwriter Violet Skies is different. Her voice is completely enchanting, while still resonating with strength and emotion.

And nowhere is that more clear than in this Mahogany Session video. Skies perform “This Could Be Love” against a rich, bold backdrop. The mixture of bright colours and bold hues perfectly sums up her style — colourful, warm, but with a powerful core.

Though she’s a young performer, she has a composure and maturity that transcends her years. She’s learned to own exactly who she is — and embrace it in all its messiness.

“Don’t be embarrassed to make music, speak your mind or make mistakes – I make mistakes all the time and constantly embarrass myself, but you realize no one really notices except you,” she explains.

It’s an ownership and an irreverence that comes through in her music — both in her lyrics and as a self-assured performer.

You can see her whole performance here:



Violet Skies has been making waves on the music scene for a few years now, but she’s hit her stride in this new video. Polished and poised, it’s clear she’s just beginning.