“Wonder Woman 1984” Sees The Hero Returning To The Big Screen

To call “Wonder Woman” a box office sensation would be an understatement. The 2017 film starring Gal Gadot grossed over $820 million at the box office. But, more importantly, it spoke to a generation of young women who saw female superheroes being taken seriously on screen. Now, “Wonder Woman 1984” promises to be just as big of a success.

The making of the film has been so emotional and the result is so satisfying that it moved the star to tears.

“For an actor to see himself playing in a movie is always a very strange thing, because you’re very judgmental about yourself and you’re very nervous and all you see is you, and I got to say the first time I watched Wonder Woman [1984], and it was the very first cut, the very first director’s cut, I forgot it was me and I was is invested even though I shot the whole movie and I read the script a million times and we did it and filmed it for eight whole months and all of a sudden seeing all the puzzle pieces coming together and seeing this huge, grand… I called Patty crying. I had an even bigger reaction than I did for the first one,” Gadot said.

The first trailer has just dropped — and it went viral almost immediately. You can see the whole thing here:



“Wonder Woman” was a transformative moment in cinematic history — and “Wonder Woman 1984” looks like the perfect follow up. You’ll be able to catch it in cinemas from 5 June 2020.