A Woman Refuses To Leave A German Wehrmacht Soldier Even After He Was Taken Prisoner

Although at first, it might just look like a group of friends relaxing or having a picnic, the reality of this image is far more complicated. Here you can see a young French woman with her beau, a German Wehrmacht soldier, along with other German soldiers.

The couple began a romantic relationship during the German occupation of France. Even after the Allies had liberated the area around Orléans — and he and the other German Wehrmacht soldiers were taken as prisoners — she insisted on staying with him. It may look like the image of young love, but in context, it’s actually something much more difficult to unpack and to palate.

It’s hard to reconcile a romantic relationship blossoming with a German soldier stationed during the occupation of France, but it was undoubtedly only one of many relationships like this that developed — even amongst the horrors happening around them.


German Wehrmacht soldier


Near Orléans, Loiret, France.

August 1944.

Credit: Anti-Worlds