Cian Oba-Smith Shares All In “The Unexposed”

Cian Oba-Smith is one of the most exciting names in photography today — and this video shows exactly why. This interview with the charming and talented photographer shows his grace and candour — and makes it obvious why he’s made such a stir at a young age.

His own background is mixed and eclectic — which he feels gives him an adaptability and ability to connect with a range of subjects. And, on the most fundamental level, he’s interested in what makes people tick. He got his start just capturing what he saw around him.

“I took the streets and just photographed, I guess with a more developed perspective I can see that I was interested in the way that people carry themselves within their environment and their body language,” he told Wonderland Magazine. ” I’m still interested in this idea but instead of photographing people candidly I interact with them to try and reveal a bit more than what’s on the surface.”

The video unpacks so much about the photography, with him speaking openly about everything from his method to his brother to his Andover & Six Acres series

You can see the whole video here:



In a city blooming with young artists, Oba-Smith brings something different. With a unique eye and an incredible ability to put subjects at ease, he is clearly one to watch.