A Look At The Incomprapable Steadicam Work Of Scorsese

Just what sets Scorsese apart? There’s no doubt that the film legend has an x-factor, a magic touch. And while some of his gifts might be difficult to articulate, there is one key skill that gets referenced time and time again — his use of the steadicam. That particular talent is at the heart of this video, which breaks down what makes him such a master.

“Martin Scorsese’s films have a visual muscularity to them, and his use of the steadicam is peerless in its virtuosity,” the description explains. “Scorsese’s steadicam swirls and swoops across time and space, mimicking the human eye — as well as operating as an omniscient presence. This video essay appraises the shots across his filmography that thrill us with their balletic gracefulness.”

Of course, it’s not just being able to run the camera — it’s his incredible, intuitive blocking that allows the camera to take storytelling to new heights. Uninterrupted scenes, more visceral blocking, and, ultimately, more authentic shots and narratives come out of his mastery.

You can see the whole video essay here:



While there’s undoubtedly an inarticulable genius to his work, some of it is down to sheer craftsmanship — and videos like this show how you can learn from the film master.