The Price Of Asturias Award Speech From Leonard Cohen Should Be Required Listening

For so many of us, the death of Leonard Cohen came far too soon. The singer and songwriter, novelist and poet — the truth-teller and ferociously curious philosopher — his musings and songs have shaped a generation.

But if there is one way to pay tribute to this great, graceful man, it’s with his Prince of Asturias Award speech. Full of his trademark humility and humor, it is a meditation on art while being a deeply personal story.

He speaks of poetry and gratitude. He speaks of his guitar. He speaks of finding his voice and, more importantly, of finding his song.

The intrinsic poetry comes out in every word as he talks about his connection with the country and its music. While this famous speech has many versions, this is a very special one — without overdubbing or interference, its the most authentic recording of the speech we’ve found.

You can see the whole thing here:



Leonard Cohen and his immense influence on the world stay alive in his music, poems, and songs. But this speech captures the spirit of a man who never stopped striving and exploring — and being grateful. It’s the kind of speech you’ll return to again and again.