After The Battle of the Reichswald, Soldiers Relax With A Cup Of Tea

Even years on, the image of a swastika is so jarring, so hateful, that it can be hard to stomach. Here you can see British Army soldiers as they take a break with a cup of tea, next to a wooden swastika emblem that had been torn down. The image was captured in Kranenburg, a town that was taken by the Allies during the Battle of the Reichswald (Operation Veritable).

The battle sought to clear German forces from the area between the Rhine and Maas rivers, east of the German-Dutch border. Although it can be hard to see a swastika being treated so casually, it’s important to remember that the removal of such a symbol would have felt like a moment of triumph.


Battle of the Reichswald


Kranenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

9 February 1945. 

Credit: Anti-Worlds