“Green” Gives A Glimpse Into The Consequences Of the U.S. Immigration System

As immigration proves a divisive and charged issue on both sides of the Atlantic, “Green” has managed to explore the area with a layered, nuanced understanding. This Sundance and Palm Springs award-winning short looks at the complications and ripple effects of the current immigration environment.

“An undocumented Turkish pedicab driver unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself,” the description explains.

It’s not just a film about prejudice — although prejudice certainly plays a huge role. It’s a film about moral quagmires, labyrinths, compromise, and weighing up factors that don’t even feel like they belong on the same scale. It’s about impossible choices that feel alien to many of us, but are a daily struggle for others. In short, it deserves the awards and praises it’s been receiving — including the Sundance Short Film Jury Award for U.S. Fiction.

You can see the whole short here:

GREEN from Mustafa Kaymak on Vimeo.

Rather than positioning itself as a polemic against the immigration system, “Green” is first and foremost a family story that immediately draws you into the lives of the characters. But buried in that story is an important message — one that it tells with intelligence and compassion.