Ken Loach Triumphs Again With “Sorry We Missed You”

Director Ken Loach astonished audiences with the raw, gripping power of “I, DANIEL BLAKE” and his latest offering, “Sorry We Missed You”, is equally powerful. Looking at one family trying to make ends meet in the precarious gig economy, it is devastatingly relevant.

At times, it feels as much like a documentary as a work of fiction. We know that millions are affected by zero-hours contracts, by gig work, by unpredictable hours, and by vulnerable employment. But we never see this level of in-depth interrogation into what that looks like, day in and day out.

“What we were interested in is the impact such work had on family life,” Loach told The Financial Times. “In public, you have this persona, you are trying to be flexible, you are composed. But once back at home, you totally collapse, you have no flexibility left for your family.”

You can see the whole trailer here:



This film does an incredible job of taking the statistics that we see every day in the headlines and shining a light on the true human cost. You can see “Sorry We Missed You” in cinemas now — and it should be required watching.