Murmansk Was A Major Player As A Link Between East And West

What almost looks like a photograph catching a moment of leisure quickly reveals itself to be something more. This layered image looks like it could be a day of relaxation, but it actually shows Russian civilians in Murmansk as they watch an aerial battle between Soviet and German pilots. This area does not receive as much attention in the history books, but it saw a huge amount of fighting and destruction — mostly because Murmansk was a key link to the west during the war.

In 1941, a joint German-Finnish military operation plan to capture the city — known as Operation Silver Fox — failed. But in the process, the city suffered — featuring damage that rivaled Leningrad and Stalingrad. Still, the city continued to serve as a major transit point for the rest of the war.




Murmansk Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union.

6 April 1943.

Image taken by Oleg Knorring. 

Credit: Anti-Worlds