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Parenting: The guilt will never leave you.

Euphoria is a series created by Sam Levinson; loosely based on an Israeli miniseries originally created by Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, and Tmira Yardeni.

It is filled with surprisingly honest performances, especially from the lead – Zendaya. The eight episodes in the first series are definitely worth your time and this speech from the final episode is not a spoiler. It is a personal confession on the highs, lows, uncertainties, failures and rewards of the journey that is parenting.

Don’t look at what you don’t want to see.

Watch this scene from from Abderrahmane Sissako’s breathtaking Oscar-nominated drama Timbuktu. It is ‘an unflinching, quietly furious exploration of life under radical Islamist rule’.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen on democracy and its redemptions.

Trained as a poet and ordained as a Buddhist monk, Leonard Cohen is our patron saint of sorrow and redemption. One of his most beloved lyric lines, from the song “Anthem” — a song that took Cohen a decade to write — remains what is perhaps the most meaningful message for our troubled and troubling times: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

Nowhere is this interplay of darkness and light more nuanced, nor more prescient, than in Cohen’s song “Democracy.”

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Western world was ablaze with the euphoria of a blind faith that democracy was coming to the East. I was there — that’s not what happened. Cohen, too, saw things differently. Ever the enchanter of nuance, he foresaw the complexity and darkness that this reach for light would unravel, and he captured it in this iconic and astonishingly timely song. It begins:

It’s coming through a hole in the air
From those nights in Tiananmen Square
It’s coming from the feel
That this ain’t exactly real
Or it’s real, but it ain’t exactly there
From the wars against disorder
From the sirens night and day
From the fires of the homeless
From the ashes of the gay
Democracy is coming to the USA
It’s coming through a crack in the wall

via Brainpickings

Jetro Emilcar shoots with feeling and spirit; not a formula.

This episode of The Unexposed profiles photographer Jetro Emilcar. An inspiring body of work with a refreshing philosophy: “Style is something I decided to forget about – it is something that shows up naturally as a pattern whenever you create a large amount of work. So I put my energy in to producing with feeling a spirit rather than a formula.”

Better. Together.
What the world needs now.

Step away from the news, it won’t do your soul any good. But six minutes with Royal Messenjah and Joss Stone absolutely will. Mr Messenjah wrote this song with the aim to unite The Gambia, but the words, the sounds, the intentions are a healing tonic. Listen and then share with someone who needs to hear it.

Cover Photo: Photo: Chad Santos, @elchadsantos

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