Members Of The National Liberation Army And Partisan Detachments Of Yugoslavia After The Liberation

Despite being in uniform, you can immediately see that these men are more relaxed and at ease than in so many war photos — even their gaits seem to be more of a relaxed stroll than a march. The reason for their happiness is clear — here you see Milenko Kovačević, Dušan Vujnović, Slobodan Špegar, and Jovo Ćurčić. They are Yugoslav partisans of the First Frontier force, part of the National Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia — and they are reveling in their newfound liberation.

After Aranđelovac’s liberation from Axis forces, they are able to walk down the streets without fear — it must have been such an intense sense of freedom, such a complete transformation, that most of us could only imagine the enormity of the feeling.




Aranđelovac, Šumadija, Serbia, Yugoslavia.

September 1944. 

Credit: Anti-Worlds