This Mahogany Session Is The Perfect Introduction To Adam Smith

Some of music’s power comes from those intense, almost painful moments of intimacy — those moments when you’re so clearly being let into another world. When it comes to drawing from personal experience and laying it out for a listener, Adam Smith knows what he’s doing. And nowhere is that more clear than in his sophomore single “Better Than You Loved Me”.

“It’s a song that means a lot to me about a time in my life that is very personal,” Smith told Atwood Magazine. “It’s something I don’t ever really talk about but writing BTYLM has definitely helped to express those feelings. The whole experience of writing the song felt very special. I like that people are connecting with the song in a lot of different ways and relating it to something that may have happened to them which is completely different to my story.”

This Mahogany Session video highlights the sense that we are getting a portal into another world. At first, you see him settling in to perform — but only through a reflection. By the time your eyes are drawn to Smith himself, you’re completely enthralled.

You can see the whole performance here:

This relatively new performer has already made a big impression — and this video is the perfect introduction to his thoughtful style and captivating voice.