A Candid Shot Captured On Makin Island

For the many photographs capturing the harrowing nature of war — and some of its triumphs — you rarely see a moment of silliness or frivolity. But here, as U.S. Marines gather around Makinese civilians during the US occupation of Makin island, you feel like a voyeur catching a glimpse of an irreverent moment.

But even within the moment of relaxation, you can still see expressions of unease and suspicion. After the raid of the island in August of 1942 by the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, United States Marine Corps, the island stayed in flux. US troops ousted Japenese forces in November 1943.


Makin Island


Gilbert Islands (now, Butaritari island/atoll, Kiribati).

17 January 1944.

Credit: Anti-Worlds